Winter 2022 SAT Prep Course - Sunday and Wednesdays

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  • A personalized experience with a local instructor with a proven track record of success in test preparation. Have the ability to connect with a professional who will give you the time to work through your questions.
  • E/E understands all students learn in different ways, which is why we work to take every learning style and employ proven methods for success for SAT Prep
  • Online Test Prep materials to track your progress, not just during the prep course but with a year long subscription to the services.
  • Build Confidence – Know what to expect when facing different obstacles within the exam
  • Strategize! Learn techniques and improve your performance on the day of the test. 
  • We analyze practice test to set up a plan to succeed for future tests
  • Understand what materials are needed to be prepared for every aspect of the exam
  • Know what it takes to be accepted to your dream school 

This course will cover all aspects of the SAT and will most certainly provide you with resources to be productive throughout your process of preparing for your future. 

  • This class is recommended for students taking the SAT test in March 2022.
  • Register online for the exam here:
Class 1 Wednesday January 19 – 5pm to 830pm (Practice test)
Class 2 Sunday January 23 – 12pm to 2pm 
Class 3 Wednesday January 26 – 5pm to 7pm
Class 4 Sunday January 30 – 12pm to 2pm 
Class 5 Wednesday February 2 – 5pm to 7pm
Class 6 Sunday February 6 – 12pm to 2pm 
Class 7 Wednesday February 9 – 5pm to 7pm
Class 8 Sunday February 13 – 12pm to 2pm 
Class 9 Wednesday February 16 – 5pm to 830pm (Practice test) 


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