SAT/ACT English Tutoring: One-on-One

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For the student looking for personalized instruction on the English section of the SAT and/or ACT test. An English teacher will delve into the grammar and reading comprehension nuances of these standardized tests. Students will learn time-saving tips and “Top 10 Tricks” from a seasoned English teacher. Before each session, students will receive instruction, take timed tests, then receive immediate feedback on how to improve their performance. Materials for each session will include a series of Google Forms quizzes and web-based programs.

Five one-on-one, 75-minute tutoring sessions offered during the fall and summer. Within a week of registering, students will be contacted by a faculty member to arrange scheduling. The first meeting will take place on the St. John’s Prep campus; subsequent meetings may take place remotely via WebEx (wireless access required).