HSPT and SSAT Test Prep One on One Tutoring

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In addition to our traditional test prep course, the Test Prep Center offers private tutoring for the HSPT and SSAT Upper level Exams. This option is ideal for students who have already prepared for one test and now want to fill in the gaps in preparing for a second test. Sessions are offered in three hour segments. For students taking this in lieu of a traditional class rather than in addition to, we recommend 2 sessions. For student who have already taken a prep course we recommend 1 session. Students will receive a book to use with their tutor that will also contain material for independent study.
One tutoring package consists of three 60 minute sessions. 
Students are paired with tutor who is an expert for the subject and test requested. The tutor and student will arrange a schedule that is convenient for both, targeting a certain test date.  Our tutoring sessions are offered to young men and women from all schools.