8 Reasons Why Being a Camp Counselor Helps Your Resume

Importance of summer camp

There are multiple reasons why camp counselor skills look great on a resume. Working with children throughout the day is just part of it. The skills you add to your repertoire add even more to your job qualifications in the workforce. From personal skills to collaboration, adding camp counselor to your resume is a great representation of the type of employee you are and will be.

You’re Collaborative

You already have experience collaborating with other team members or in your case, other camp counselors. This is a great skill to have considering how much collaboration is mentioned for job posts. Being an effective collaborator goes a long way in becoming a great team member.

You Can Adapt

One day you’re showing campers how to paint, the next you’re leading a 3 on 3 basketball tournament. You’re already adaptive enough to lead different activities throughout the day. This is especially important in the rest of the workforce. You can adapt on the fly without issue – a great camp counselor skill to include on a resume.

You’re a Problem-Solver

When’s the last time you ran into a problem? You’re probably thinking of a couple of scenarios already and how you solved each one. This is a great skill for a camp counselor to include on a resume. You’ve solved problems in the past on the fly and you could do the same in any setting. Employers love to see someone who values their critical thinking skills.

You Can Communicate

Sure, anyone can “communicate.” But it’s how you communicate that means the most. When you’re communicating with parents, other counselors or kids, you’re communicating constantly with different tones and initiatives. When you’re in a different setting, you can break down the jargon to effectively talk to another employee. Those are natural skills you learn as a camp counselor that translate well in any department.

You’re Dedicated

This seems generic but that’s because it can mean a lot of things. As a camp counselor, you’re dedicated to completing tasks, making campers happy and trying new activities. You’re dedicated to giving the camp the most and you’re able to take on new challenges. Adding this to a resume says you’re ready to work and you won’t be satisfied until those goals are accomplished.

You Can Coordinate

Another skill not a lot of people can claim for themselves. You’ve already been a coordinator for a decent amount of time – coordinating new activities, events or schedules throughout the day. You’re constantly planning ahead and you’re keeping people engaged. Whether it’s with children or with other businesses, you own this skill to a tee – an excellent skill as a camp counselor to include on a resume.

You’re a Natural Leader

People might avoid adding “leader” to a resume. But not you. You’ve led campers for months, being a role model and mentor for them to look up to. When you have experience guiding a bunch of kids with a ton of energy throughout the day, then you instantly qualify as a leader. You’re a natural leader capable of tackling projects head-on. This says a lot about the person you are and the person you’ll become down the road.

You’re Responsible

There are a few things considered more responsible than handling a bunch of little campers. But you’re also responsible for a lot of other things. You respond to situations with maturity and remind campers to respect personal property and camp equipment. You maintain the cleanliness of all areas and identify and respond to any camper behavior issues. Plus, you make sure campers participate fully and successfully in all aspects of camp. Responsibility is a great trait and a great camp counselor skill to add to a resume.

Summer Camp General

The physical benefits of summer camp can do wonders for children as they grow. They will be playing a sport they love and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. But other physical benefits include developing their motor skills and drawing good eating habits. The regular exercise they receive is only the beginning for them.

Exercising Regularly

Why not start with the most obvious benefit. Kids will be regularly exercising throughout the day. They’ll be at a day camp playing and learning more about the sport they love. They’ll be enjoying the trials and tribulations of day camp while working hard with their peers. This not only benefits them physically, but it helps them fall deeper in love with the sport they’ve chosen.

Better Eating Habits

Many camps offer healthy eating alternatives. Children will become accustomed to eating more veggies and fruits at the right proportions. Not only will this help them develop better eating habits but it will help them grow physically. Good food means better growth. And if they start to enjoy the snacks they feast on regularly, then maybe getting them to eat their greens at the dinner table won’t be so difficult.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

Who doesn’t love a little fresh air? Kids will enjoy the outdoors as they run around and play throughout the day. The physical benefits of summer camp don’t end there – they’re also absorbing Vitamin D in the process. And you don’t need a scientist to tell you Vitamin D is essential for calcium and bone growth. Plus, being in the outdoors increases serotonin which means they’ll be in a good mood all day.

Increasing Motor Skills

Summer camp also offers children and adolescents an opportunity to improve their motor skills. Through different activities, whether it’s arts and crafts, music, sports, robotics, etc. campers will work on projects that will improve their coordination and movement. These motor skills will carry over with them as they develop adding to the endless physical benefits of summer camp.

The physical benefits of summer camp can also contribute to their well-being overall. The activities and interactions they have with other campers on a daily basis will improve their self-esteem. The opportunities at summer camp can contribute greatly to an adolescent’s health and mental state and they’ll be given those opportunities at Eagles/Edge.