Camp Counselors

There are many lessons from being a camp counselor that can contribute to your overall growth. The meaningful impact you make on young not only benefits them, but you as well. Whether it’s about leadership, patience, critical thinking or becoming flexible – all these are essential in all parts of life. Whether it’s a summer job you need to get by or an opportunity to gain experience, becoming a camp counselor is fun and rewarding.

Lessons of Leadership

One of the few lessons from being a camp counselor is learning how to become a leader. Becoming a camp counselor is a great opportunity to gain responsibility. Not only are you responsible for young kids, but also for the activities you set forth and the direction you want to take them. It’s a new opportunity to teach them something that is valuable to you. You also have the obligation to work with children and make them happy each day that you’re there, which becomes rewarding for all parties. Leading a bunch of campers throughout the day helps boost a sort of confidence where you’re completely in charge. And leadership qualities are always going to be important for any type of profession. This is a great spot to start getting your feet wet and take on responsibility head-on.

Lessons of Patience

People always say “patience is a virtue,” but in this case, patience becomes a lesson for being a camp counselor. Sometimes it can be hard to maintain our patience with certain things surrounding us. But what’s important is to maintain your composure no matter the situation. This is why patience becomes valuable as a camp counselor. If you’re ever dealing with kids, the one asset you’ll always need is patience. It might take a couple attempts to teach children a new game or resolve any conflict. But maintaining your patience and being to meet campers half-way can do wonders. Not only will they be happy to learn something new from their camp counselor, but they’ll feel more comfortable approaching you. You instantly become more approachable which translates to less problems. And if there is one thing in the workplace that you’ll need as you enter the workforce, it’s definitely patience.

Lessons of Critical Thinking

One aspect that can be said in both camp and in life is things can be unpredictable. Sometimes situations can go awry and you’ll deal with problems you didn’t expect. That’s okay though because it’s all part of the process of becoming a great leader. Lessons from being a camp counselor can help you grow decisively and develop your critical thinking skills. The spontaneity of camp allows you to think on your feet more often which contributes in all areas of life. It makes you more flexible and equip to handle all sorts of situations. If you can manage your critical thinking skills and keep the day going strong, then there’s not much else out there that can stop you.

Lessons of Staying Positive

People tend to get down far too easily nowadays. As a camp counselor, you’ll learn that positivity can make all the difference. There’s a real energy in the room when it comes to camp and that energy means everything. When things turn south, it’s your job to keep a positive attitude and boost the morale. Something as small as a rainy day can affect the mood for a lot of campers, but it’s your job to always set the tone. Plus, who doesn’t want to be around a positive individual? Whether it’s work or with your friends, people will always want to be around your presence.

Lessons from being a camp counselor can take you a long way in the workplace. It’s all about how you present yourself and the skills you gain from your experiences. These lessons will always come in handy as you continue to develop your career.