For Parents

There are many essential life skills learned from summer camp that can help mold a child. Putting children in certain situations at camp can develop them in the long run. Whether it’s learning how to resolve conflict, listening to others or becoming selfless, summer camp provides many opportunities for growth.

Resolving Conflict at Camp

One of the first life skills learned at camp that truly translates throughout life is resolving conflict. With the intimate experiences summer camp provides, conflict is bound to occur between camp members. But that is not necessarily a negative aspect because it puts your child in awkward situations they must overcome. What is life without conflict? Campers learn how to address concerns appropriately with counselors working as the mediator. Learning how to resolve conflict in a safe environment such as camp will help kids become rational and respectful individuals.

Listening to Others

From conflict resolution to listening to others, life skills learned at camp will fall under the same umbrella. In order to have an honest conversation, kids must learn how to listen to others and what better place to do that than summer camp. Being able to listen effectively is one of the most important skills for people in general no matter the situation they’re in.

The intimate conversations they’ll have with other campers will help them effectively listen and respond with intent. Whether it’s them listening to someone talk about a sport they have no interest in or another camper talking about a life experience they endured, campers will constantly communicate throughout the day. Listening will become a viable skill that your child will use through all walks of life.

Sharing and Being Selfless

Not all life lessons learned at camp come from negative situations. Sometimes, these life skills come naturally due to the interpersonal and interactive nature of camp. Whether it’s during lunch sharing snacks with other campers or helping their fellow peers through an activity, being selfless is easy. Those habits or traits that they develop at camp will carry over in the real world where they’ll be more willing to share with others.

Life skills learned at camp can translate immensely in the real world. Your child can utilize these practical skills throughout the day and become a better individual all around. By being selfless, listening to others and resolving conflict, your child will be prepared to handle all types of situations.

For Parents

The importance of summer camp extends beyond just physical activity. It reflects more in the stories that kids come back with that include positive experiences. Whether it’s friendships, developing skills, or discovering independence or creativity, the importance of summer camp can help your child grow.

Adding New Skills and Interests

Summer camp allows kids to develop an interest that is outside the realm of a classroom. At Camp Christopher, children have the opportunity to try new things; martial arts, archery, performing arts, game design, programming, and even robotics! Programs that specialize in other areas will help your child develop new interests that will only benefit them.

Meeting New Friends

Allowing your child to explore new avenues will also help them develop new friendships along the way. This adds even more to the importance of summer camp. Kids will remain content with the friendships they have back home or at school, which is never a negative aspect. But at Camp Christopher, they are able to essentially “network” with other kids. They’ll share a special bond of camp experiences that will remain meaningful. These types of relationships can last a lifetime because they now share a rooted interest they developed together.

Discovering Independence

From adding new interests to gaining new friends, the importance of summer camp can also translate into independence and confidence. As parents, there are not a lot of things that feel more rewarding than knowing your child is independent. One way to test whether or not your kid can make decisions for themselves is summer camp. If it’s their first time on their own, summer camp is a great way for a child to gain independence. They learn to rely on the decisions they make on their own. Plus, it gives them an opportunity to lean on their peers for different opinions. This will only further their thought process. It will allow your child to discover more about themselves and gain valuable confidence.

Letting Their Creativity Shine

One other element that adds to the importance of summer camp is creativity. When your child is at camp, they’re free to become as creative as possible. They can benefit from allowing their mind to wander because, at Camp Christopher, everybody is free of judgment. When they add new skills they can become creative in those skills. Sometimes in a classroom environment, it may become difficult to enjoy their creative side when they’re studying or completing assignments. But at camp, kids don’t have to worry about a failing grade which allows their creativity to flourish.

The importance of summer camp continues to be the staple for children looking to add new skills, new friends and a renewed sense of creativity and confidence. At Camp Christopher, kids will have a blast learning new things. This will only help further their growing minds as active individuals.