Writing the Ultimate Letter to Your Child at Summer Camp

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Summer camp can be the ultimate experience for kids. Especially when they’re away, there’s nothing more meaningful to a child than seeing mail come in from their parents. How can you write the ultimate letter? Luckily, we have all the answers to writing a summer camp letter to your child and where you should start.

“I’m so proud of you”

Telling a child how proud you are of them is incredible in any case. But doing it when they’re away from camp is even more meaningful. Expressing pride in your child for trying something new or accomplishing a goal is beneficial. Plus, mentioning that they’re making new friends builds their confidence and makes them feel more comfortable away from home.

“I can’t wait to hear about…”

When you’re excited, your child is excited. When you express feelings of excitement together, it only benefits the both of you. This is another excellent way of writing a summer camp letter to your child. Telling your child you can’t wait to hear about their trip, their counselors, the food they ate, the goals they accomplished or the new activities they tried are all important.

Telling Jokes

Nothing gets a kid smiling like hearing a joke. When they’re reading one, it may seem different. But of course, it’s the thought that counts. Telling a joke to your child while they’re away, keeps things light and reminds them of your humor. Keep your child smiling through a letter and they’ll enjoy their stay. When they return home, they can return the favor or even tell you some new jokes they heard at camp.

“It’s boring here”

Of course, children will be curious to know what’s going on at home. They don’t want to miss out on anything or feel left out. That is why this is another excellent way of writing a summer camp letter to a child – tell them it’s boring at home. Paint a “boring” picture for them so they feel better about being away. Mention chores, things going on at work, the weather, etc. They’ll feel better about everything since it sounds like all the excitement is away with them.

“(Insert Team Here) won last night”

If it’s over the summer, then you’ll most likely want to mention a baseball team here (that is, if your kid likes baseball). Sending updates or letting them know their team won last night makes them feel part of the action. You can always talk about other current events, but you might want to avoid any unsettling news that might upset them. Camp is like a bubble of positivity, so avoiding sad headlines is always a good idea.

Campers love to read letters from their parents. Let them know how much you miss them and how the house feels empty without them. You don’t want them to feel guilty for being away, so reassure your support for them in taking a big step. Even adding a small care package will make a child smile. All great ways of writing a summer camp letter to a child.

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6 Skills You Learn After Being A Camp Counselor

There are many skills of a camp counselor that translate to the real world. A lot of the essential skills you learn as a camp counselor will be used beyond summer. Whether it’s for applying for a full-time job or volunteering – the skills you learn as a camp counselor will always translate to success. Therefore, here are 6 skills you learn after being a camp counselor.


One of the first and most essential skills you learn after being a camp counselor is problem-solving. Camp can be unpredictable. The same can be said for life in general. But the best way to become a better problem-solver is by learning on your feet. By being a camp counselor, you’ll definitely have those experiences.


We all like to say we can empathize with other people. But as a camp counselor, this attribute will be tested. Can you empathize with other campers? Can you put yourself at their level and understand their intentions? You’ll learn how to empathize and accept others when you spend time as a camp counselor – a skill not many people can utilize.


You’re constantly communicating as a camp counselor. You’re talking to campers, counselors, parents, and so on when you’re working at a camp. And being able to communicate effectively is an essential trait. Whether it’s at home or in the workforce, communication is extremely important.


If you’re not patient as a camp counselor, then you’ll struggle. Working with kids meaning being patient with them. Whether it’s at work, at home or with your friends – there’s always an opportunity to be patient. This is one of the most essential skills of a camp counselor. When you learn how to keep your patience you’re able to handle just about anything.


Want to test your endurance throughout the day? Try keeping up with campers under the hot sun. You’re running around, playing games and keeping a positive attitude. That can become tiring – camp pushes those boundaries. The same can be said when you’re at the office. Everyone talks about that “afternoon slump.” As a former camp counselor, you’ll be able to overcome it.


Let’s not forget the most important skill of a camp counselor. Leadership skills are everything nowadays. A great leader can change the whole dynamic of a team. They can make the people around them better and create a winning environment. As a camp counselor, you’re immediately expected to be a leader and role model. And once you’re put into a leadership position, you’ll never lose those particular qualities.

The skills of a camp counselor translate well in all sorts of places. The skills you learn during your time as a camp counselor look great on a resume or cover letter. And working with adolescents will only increase your rationality and patience. Whether it’s problem-solving, empathy, communication, stamina or leadership – you’ll have an opportunity to improve at EAGLES/EDGE.

Summer Camp General

The physical benefits of summer camp can do wonders for children as they grow. They will be playing a sport they love and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. But other physical benefits include developing their motor skills and drawing good eating habits. The regular exercise they receive is only the beginning for them.

Exercising Regularly

Why not start with the most obvious benefit. Kids will be regularly exercising throughout the day. They’ll be at a day camp playing and learning more about the sport they love. They’ll be enjoying the trials and tribulations of day camp while working hard with their peers. This not only benefits them physically, but it helps them fall deeper in love with the sport they’ve chosen.

Better Eating Habits

Many camps offer healthy eating alternatives. Children will become accustomed to eating more veggies and fruits at the right proportions. Not only will this help them develop better eating habits but it will help them grow physically. Good food means better growth. And if they start to enjoy the snacks they feast on regularly, then maybe getting them to eat their greens at the dinner table won’t be so difficult.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

Who doesn’t love a little fresh air? Kids will enjoy the outdoors as they run around and play throughout the day. The physical benefits of summer camp don’t end there – they’re also absorbing Vitamin D in the process. And you don’t need a scientist to tell you Vitamin D is essential for calcium and bone growth. Plus, being in the outdoors increases serotonin which means they’ll be in a good mood all day.

Increasing Motor Skills

Summer camp also offers children and adolescents an opportunity to improve their motor skills. Through different activities, whether it’s arts and crafts, music, sports, robotics, etc. campers will work on projects that will improve their coordination and movement. These motor skills will carry over with them as they develop adding to the endless physical benefits of summer camp.

The physical benefits of summer camp can also contribute to their well-being overall. The activities and interactions they have with other campers on a daily basis will improve their self-esteem. The opportunities at summer camp can contribute greatly to an adolescent’s health and mental state and they’ll be given those opportunities at Eagles/Edge.