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Learn to Code, Minecraft and Intro to Scratch/Raspberry Pi

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Exploration Camps are designed to give 4th and 5th graders a chance to lean in and start to deep dive into topics, while still maintaining a camp like feel. Exploration: Technology will give campers who are interested in code and software a chance to delve into the next level of skills and practice.  Campers will spend time 6 feet apart in our computer lab, equipped with state of the art air filtration systems, but also have time outside- either in problem solving circles, or in “camp breaks” where they swim, play games, and picnic lunch.  Come experience the best that camp can offer! 

Exploration Technology, Week 3, July 6-9, 2021:  Learn to Code:Make your own Games & Animations (no camp Monday, July 5) 
Dive into the world of code by coding your own space shooter games, trivia games, music bands, beautiful computer-generated art and math simulations or tell a story! You can also use code to create science and social science projects! You will get to incorporate what you are passionate about into the programs you create! The confidence in being unique will be taught to kids and communicated through their code creations.
Your child will learn: How to program and design their own applications. Have an understanding of problem solving, coding skills in scratch or Python such as variables, loops, and functions!

Exploration Technology Week 5, July 19-23, 2021: Minecraft, the next adventure!
Explore, create or survive! Mine deep into the minecraft world and create the future! In this creative camp, challenge the odds, craft your own kinds of weapons and build dream worlds using code. Do this while also learning fundamental programming concepts, level design and problem solving skills. You will make use of Ready made coding blocks to create mini versions of Minecraft games.
Your child will learn: How to develop skills on problem solving and finding the best solutions to a targeted goal. They will have an understanding of programming within the context of Minecraft coding, and will learn game design all within the comfort of Minecraft.

NEW! Exploration, Technology Week 7, August 2-6, 2021: Create Animations with Javascript
Paint and tell a story from your perspective all with code. Express your creative side by learning how to create gripping animations and transitions using Javascript. With a snap, you’d create interactive web-based animations that look really cool! In this course, students have used code to simulate a sunrise and sunset, simulate the Fibonacci sequence, recreate the classic snake and pong games that can be played directly in the browser. Amazing stuff for your portfolio!
Your child will learn: How to develop web based Javascript animation. They will allow for their creativity to shine and create Javascript based games which they can play on any computer!


  • A close counselor-to-camper ratio within a small group structure
  • Experienced and caring staff who love what they do
  • A diverse and age-appropriate program with specialist driven and counselor driven activities
  • A safe and close-knit community where children discover new interests and create lifelong friendships
  • Swim daily
  • Developmentally appropriate instruction and game play
*Campus and program tours will be available in the spring.
Please register online to be notified about tour dates, or to speak with a camp specialist!
This camp must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be licensed
by the LBOH







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2021 Program Dates

Week 3: July 6 - 9*
Week 5: July 19 - 23
Week 7: August 2 - 6