College Interview and Resume Building Workshop- July 13, 2021

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Learn to interview for college admissions and create a working resume in a relaxed and supportive environment with Nancy Sacco of the School Counseling department.

She will teach you the best college interview dos and don’ts before you have your first interview. This is a skill-building class that will help you to feel confident and assured for college interviewing and job interviewing as well. Students will learn the importance of appropriate, dress, body language, speaking correctly, being prepared for a variety of questions, and promoting the authenticity of your unique personality.

This class will teach to skills and we will have fun while we learn. The other component of the workshop will be resume building. Interviews and resumes go hand in hand – therefore, we will explore and create a resume for the purposes of interviewing, giving to teachers so that they can write a college recommendation and uploading into the college application

This class is scheduled to meet in a classroom, but may move to an online platform if needed. 

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