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Students will explore the fun of programming android mobile apps while gaining the required skills required to be an app developer! Create Doodle apps, basketball trivia, space invaders, and your very own “Google” search engine! You will be able to innovate and also acquire computational skills with the MIT media lab learning environment. The colorful visuals and appealing animations will stir your creativity. When you’re done with your app, you can push the app to your mobile device to play with friends and family at home!


This is an online camp and meets daily from 10am-12pm


Prerequisites – No prior coding knowledge or experience is required.

A modern PC or Mac computer with at least 4GB of RAM and 256MB processor speed. Tablets are not supported for online class/camp use.

  • Minecraft, Roblox and Unity classes need PCs or MACs. Chromebooks will not suffice
  • A USB headset
  • A web camera
  • High speed internet
  • Zoom App installed

EAGLES/EDGE is excited to partner with CODE WIZ for quality technology-based education and fun!

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At a Glance

July 13-17




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2020 Program Dates

July 13 - 17