Algebra 2/Trigonometry - 60 Hour Course

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This course is designed to complete a full year Algebra II/Trigonometry class. Students must be recommended for the course by their current math teacher. This will enable students who have completed Geometry and Algebra I to continue their study, preparing them to advance to Precalculus or Calculus or AP Calculus in the fall (based on teacher recommendation and successful completion of the course). This course is open to both St. John’s Prep students and students from other schools- a certificate of completion will be issued to students from outside schools. 

This course is an intensive 60 hours of instruction and demands the full dedication and commitment of the student. Substantial work must be completed outside of class time in order to master the necessary topics. Topics that will be taught in this course include:

This class is scheduled to meet in a classroom, but will move to an online platform if needed.  You will be required to purchase an online textbook for $14.99.

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Morning (8:30am- 12:30pm)






June 14, 15,16,17,21,22,23,24,28,29,30
July 1, 7,8,9

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