Safety & Tips

Safety is our number one priority at EAGLES/EDGE.

We are monitoring guidelines presented by the Department of Public Health daily.
Here are some of the guidelines that you will see in place this summer for all of our programming.

What are you doing to keep my camper safe?

Great question! We will work from our plans that were developed for summer 2020 but will fine tune those details as we learn more from the State of Massachusetts on what this upcoming summer will look like. We’ll have a staggered arrival and departure schedule, do health screening every day for staff and campers, and clean areas that are scheduled to be in use throughout the camp day. Everyone will wear masks inside- outside, campers and staff can remove their masks if it aligns with their comfort level.

Will my camper have to wear a mask?

Yes. We’ll wear masks inside, on the bus, and during drop off and pickup.

Each family must bring their camper to camp in a mask each morning, since the screening process is an up close one. We ask that they bring 2 more clean ones, so they have something to change into if theirs gets wet or dirty. Our staff will wear masks, as well. If we are playing outside, and campers and staff feel comfortable, they may remove their masks. And no masks in the pool!


What will the day look like?

Program schedules are still being planned and developled for summer 2021. We do have sample schedules to provide an idea of what your camper will experience. We will swim twice a day- we will have a more instructional style swim, and a free swim. The camp day will will be a mix of specialist activities, and counselor led games and projects, which we’ll do outdoors whenever possible. We will eat picnic style- outside, whenever possible. Drop off and pick up will happen in the scheduled zones.

What about lunch?

Campers can still order lunch through our campus partner, Sage. They will have the opportunity to select from choices and pre-order through their counselors, and then we will deliver their box lunches to them. This summer, we’ll eat picnic style! Of course, your camper can bring their own peanut/nut- free lunch. Your camper is encouraged to bring a separate, nut free snack for snacktime. Everyone should bring a water bottle, and we’ll have plenty of opportunities to refill!

I need to know the pickup/dropoff times.

The camp day is 9am to 4pm, and you can expect a variation of those times, but not a drastic one. We will have separate camper drop and pick ups in each zone, so if you have multiple campers in multiple groups, you should allot more time, as you’ll be making several stops. In the morning, each camper will need to be pre-screened before entering camp – we’ll ask you to fill out a survey online each morning for each camper, and then we’ll do a face to face screening when they arrive. We will be providing our transportation options as soon as possible for summer 2021!

How will I know what I need to do and bring?

We will send you a welcome email with times and dates and as much information as we can before your camper’s start date.  In the meantime, we will keep pushing information out via email updates weekly.  To get started, here’s what a camper needs to bring every day:

  • Backpack, labeled with their name
  • Swimsuit (two if they hate putting wet swimsuits back on)
  • Two towels- one will be their picnic blanket for the day, and where they sit to do arts and crafts and activities outside. The other will be for the pool. Please label! 
  • A mask to wear, and at least one spare. Label, and make sure that it is evident which is the side that goes towards the face – we anticipate taking them off and putting them on, so we need to know what side goes in.
  • Sunblock, and a hat
  • Raincoat, if it is rainy
  • A peanut/nut free snack
  • A peanut/nut free lunch, if you have not purchased a meal plan 
  • A water bottle, clearly labeled- no-one wants to swig from someone else’s water-bottle!

What can I do now to keep everyone safe?

EAGLES/EDGE will abide by all policies and guidelines from the state of Massachusetts. We will continue to update this section as we learn more information about how the summer will look. It is an ever changing landscape but we had great experience from our summer programming season of 2020 and will continue to work/develop new guidelines and strategies to maintain our safety protocols for all of our programming. Summer 2021 will look different from last year, we are just waiting to finalize what that will look like for us and our community.

What if my camper gets sick, or someone in my family gets sick?

Please let us know as soon as possible.

My camper has a friend request – will they be in a group with their friend?

We will work hard to make sure that your camper has a friend in their group. We cannot group campers from one program with another- your junior eagle camper cannot be placed with his golden eagle buddy. More information will be updated on grouping requests, etc. We will update you here as well in our email updates.

I am waiting to hear if I got the week I wanted from a cancelled week reschedule, when will I hear?

We are hoping that we will not have to deal with this situation but want families to know that we do have a plan and will update you all on how that is finalized.

I am waiting to hear about weeks on the waitlist. When will I hear about that?

TBA for Summer 2021