Summer Camp General

Summer camp builds self-confidence – it’s a statement that’s become a reality for many kids. If a parent is thinking about sending their child to summer camp, it will be very beneficial. When kids are stuck at home all summer they might feel isolated. This could affect their self-confidence and lead to emotional issues. How can summer camp help? Let’s dive in.

Gaining Independence

For many kids, summer camp builds self-confidence because they become more independent. Camp is a great experience for kids to explore on their own and make their own decisions. It’s an opportunity for kids to discover themselves while counselors push their campers to try things on their own. They’ll make their own meal choices, follow their preferred activities and even join a group of new friends to try something new. These type of opportunities might seem overwhelming when they’re at home or in school. However at camp, they might feel more comfortable and become more independent.

Building Friendships

Kids who go to summer camp have a chance to meet new friends. It might seem a bit obvious but it goes a long way. Children will have an opportunity to make new friendships and interact with other campers. As they explore new interests at camp they’ll run into other kids who are interested in the same things. This is another reason why summer camp builds self-confidence. The more interaction they have at camp, the more confident and comfortable they’ll feel meeting new people.

Adding New Interests

Going to summer camp means trying to new things and gaining new interests. Summer camp build self-confidence because kids are pushing themselves to try something new. They might have an opportunity to try something they’ve never done before. From a wide variety of activities; painting, theater, robotics, music, sports, etc. – they’ll have to be confident in their abilities to take a leap. And if it all works out they might find something that gives them inspiration.

Developing Mentorship

Similar to building independence, a child might become a leader while away from home. As they gain new interests, build new friendships and discover their independence, they might find themselves taking the lead on new projects or activities. Plus, they’ll be working alongside camp counselors who are closer to their age which in turn becomes someone they look up to. Camp counselors who set a good example might push a child to do the same. Therefore, camp counselors become good mentors and children turn into the leaders they might not have expected to become. Becoming a leader proves to be the ultimate confidence booster – just another example of how summer camp builds self-confidence.

Summer Camp General

The physical benefits of summer camp can do wonders for children as they grow. They will be playing a sport they love and enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. But other physical benefits include developing their motor skills and drawing good eating habits. The regular exercise they receive is only the beginning for them.

Exercising Regularly

Why not start with the most obvious benefit. Kids will be regularly exercising throughout the day. They’ll be at a day camp playing and learning more about the sport they love. They’ll be enjoying the trials and tribulations of day camp while working hard with their peers. This not only benefits them physically, but it helps them fall deeper in love with the sport they’ve chosen.

Better Eating Habits

Many camps offer healthy eating alternatives. Children will become accustomed to eating more veggies and fruits at the right proportions. Not only will this help them develop better eating habits but it will help them grow physically. Good food means better growth. And if they start to enjoy the snacks they feast on regularly, then maybe getting them to eat their greens at the dinner table won’t be so difficult.

Enjoying The Fresh Air

Who doesn’t love a little fresh air? Kids will enjoy the outdoors as they run around and play throughout the day. The physical benefits of summer camp don’t end there – they’re also absorbing Vitamin D in the process. And you don’t need a scientist to tell you Vitamin D is essential for calcium and bone growth. Plus, being in the outdoors increases serotonin which means they’ll be in a good mood all day.

Increasing Motor Skills

Summer camp also offers children and adolescents an opportunity to improve their motor skills. Through different activities, whether it’s arts and crafts, music, sports, robotics, etc. campers will work on projects that will improve their coordination and movement. These motor skills will carry over with them as they develop adding to the endless physical benefits of summer camp.

The physical benefits of summer camp can also contribute to their well-being overall. The activities and interactions they have with other campers on a daily basis will improve their self-esteem. The opportunities at summer camp can contribute greatly to an adolescent’s health and mental state and they’ll be given those opportunities at Eagles/Edge.

Summer Camp General

There’s a multitude of reasons why your child needs summer camp. It helps build them to become successful adults down the road. It also gives them an opportunity to unplug from technology and develop socially and emotionally. They also have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and break out of their usual norms. These are just some of the reasons why your child needs summer camp and what it can do for them later in life.

Life Skills That Grow

The first and maybe most important reason why your child needs summer camp is the essential skills they receive as they grow up. There are many things we as people learn on our way to becoming an adult. But what is great about summer camp is a lot of the things we learn come easily throughout the day. Communication and working with others is an essential skill that can be used in all areas of life. Whether it’s with relationships or in the workplace, communication doesn’t always come naturally for some.

Collaborating and working with a team will also become an essential skill for your child. They will be interacting and working with other children throughout the day, which means they immediately collaborate and learn to work with others. Creativity, leadership and problem-solving also become just some of the most important reasons why your child needs summer camp. These essential skills help them develop as they progress throughout the day.

Unplugging From Tech

Nowadays everyone is on their phones, tablets or laptops. This is especially true for children who like to play games or use their phones to log on to social media. Children might be too caught up with technology and the internet that they might not appreciate their surroundings. This also takes away from socialization, which can really harm them in the long run. That is why your child needs summer camp – so they can come back to reality and build their interpersonal skills. Taking a break from tech and pushing kids to interact face to face is a great benefit from summer camp.

Breaking From The Norm

Education will always be important and there’s nothing negative about making friends at school. However, what tends to happen for children is becoming content with who they are at school. Summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to be themselves in other ways, such as letting their creative sideshow. They also have a place away from school where they can reinvent themselves. If they seem quiet and studious at school, camp gives them an opportunity to be lively and animated. Thus, it allows them to become their whole self, where they aren’t necessarily afraid of judgment or breaking out of their shell.

Camp Christopher is a great opportunity for children to find their whole self. It allows them to break barriers, build social and emotional skills and tap-in to the real world. Whether their focus draws them to athletics or specialty programs, they’ll always benefit from the endless opportunities, which is why your child needs summer camp.