Academic Enrichment

Algebra 2/Trigonometry

This course is designed to complete a full year Algebra II/Trigonometry class. Students must be recommended for the course by their current math teacher. This will enable students who have completed Geometry and Algebra I to continue their study, preparing them to advance to Precalculus or Calculus or AP Calculus in the fall (based on teacher recommendation and successful completion of the course). This course is condensed into 42 hours of instruction and demands the full dedication and commitment of the student. Substantial work must be completed outside of class time in order to master the necessary topics. Topics that will be taught in this course include equations and inequalities, linear equations and functions, absolute value functions, systems of linear equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, quadratic functions, solving quadratic equations, complex numbers, polynomials and polynomial functions exponential growth and decay, properties of logarithms, modeling power functions, inverse and joint variation, rational functions and complex fractions, conic sections, series and sequences, probability and statistics, right triangle trigonometry, trigonometric functions of general angles, law of sines and law of cosines, and graphing trigonometric functions. Curriculum will follow the chapters in Algebra II by Larson, Boswell, Kanold, Stiff; McDougal Littell, Boston, 2004. Students are required to have a graphing calculator or Casio Prizm. Teacher will provide the textbook on CD.