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Let’s talk about Discovery Sports!

Families have been asking, “Where is multi sport camp for boys and girls in grades 1-3?”  We’ve moved and improved our younger camper multi sport, and it is now called Discovery:Sports.  Come check it out!

We noticed last summer that our youngest multi sport campers loved the sports, but missed activities, swim lessons, and other fun camp activities.  A full day of sports was fun- but maybe just a little bit too much for the youngest kids.  They wanted some free-form, games based, off the field experiences.  And our sports counselors are AWESOME- but we wanted to supplement their skills with some folks who are specialists in child development for that age.  Especially now, when kids haven’t had a “normal” school day in so long, helping kids adjust to the longer social interactions and full days and weeks of programming became a priority. 

Out of all this came Discovery: Sports– a multi sports camp for boys and girls in grades 1-3 with all the benefits of day camp.  Campers will have swim lessons and free swim every day.  They’ll play more sports fundamentals, swapped out with some games and activities to give them a break from the field, and participate in all-camp events. We’ll use the grass fields more, where it isn’t quite so hot.  We’ll have an amazing time, make great friends, have AMAZING counselors, and get the best of both worlds! 

Come Join Us!