A peek into summer theatre programs with the director!

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I’m so excited about this summer’s theatre workshop offerings! I really enjoy the camp atmosphere at SJP. It’s a great way for me to stay connected to my drama kids, meet some incoming students, and engage with members of the SJP community who may not otherwise have time to dedicate to after-school drama. It’s low-stress, low-commitment and high reward. 

This summer, I wanted to offer a couple of my popular summer camps…as well as throw in a new one that I can’t wait to try out!

To start the summer off, a Movie Makers camp. Last summer was the super-successful “Horror Movie Makers” camp. This summer, I’d like to open it up and see where the week takes us. Horror? Comedy? Drama? Let’s figure it out together!  This camp involves writing, performance, editing. It is a bit more challenging than the Writer’s Workshop camp, as participants are tasked to create one storyline that works together that culminates in a ten-minute movie to share with their family and friends!

The Writer’s Workshop, happening in July, is a camp that I’ve run for years. The camp supports and teaches young playwrights. We work on script development and collaboration. Unlike the Movie Makers camp, participants are free to explore tons of different genres, styles and storylines. Their final presentation features a variety of works, specifically noting the playwrights of the scenes. This camp is great for new and experienced writers; I have many students who’ve taken it multiple years. 

And finally, in August, a new camp! Theatre for Social Justice. Most often, students experience theatre as a way to create a product. We’re concerned about finesse, clarity, and how the work will look for an audience. “Process Drama,” as the name suggests, is a tool that theatre educators can use to process different concepts, ideas or connections. It’s about the process, not the product, and leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us–through the experience of art.  Participants won’t leave with a showcase; that’s not what it’s about. They’ll leave with an experience, a better sense of self, an understanding of new ways to use theatre and a strong sense of community with other participants. This process drama will center around the story, “Two Islands,” which explores otherness, herd mentality and identity. It addresses social justice issues and concerns from a new angle for students. It’s a way I get to combine both my roles at SJP–theatre instructor and Multicultural Affairs and Community Development. I can’t wait!

Movie Makers and Writer’s Workshop are open to rising 6th-rising 9th graders. While Theatre for Social Justice is for 7th-10th.  Don’t hesitate to contact me at bchristopher@stohnsprep.org to get more info.  See you this summer!