7 Skills You Will Learn in an Academic Enrichment Program

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Academic enrichment programs are courses, workshops, or tutoring sessions aimed toward high school and middle school students. Led by experienced instructors, the programs focus on a variety of academic subjects, such as sciences, maths, and languages. These academic courses are wonderful opportunities for students to continue learning outside of their regular school schedules.

There are different reasons why students might want to enroll in an academic enrichment program. Perhaps you want to explore an academic subject more insightfully, so that you’ll improve your performance during the school year. Or maybe you want to build upon your knowledge and be intellectually stimulated. Taking these academic programs offers new challenges that can help you stay engaged.

No matter why you enrolled in an academic enrichment program, you are sure to acquire some new skills that will be useful throughout your academic career. Below are seven skills that you will learn in academic enrichment programs. Which ones are you the most excited about developing?

1. Improved writing skills

Writing is an academic skill that takes time to polish and develop. During an academic enrichment program, you will be provided with guidance, mentoring, and constructive feedback to improve your writing skills. These academic enrichment programs are designed to help high school and middle school students become better writers. You will learn to master vocabulary and grammar. You will also be able to express yourself more easily in different written contexts.

With improved writing skills, you’ll be able to argue your point in an essay, to compose short stories, to communicate more effectively, and to appreciate different genres of literature. Students with great writing skills are more likely to succeed in school, and they can articulate their thoughts with more confidence.

2. Improved reading skills

As you progress in your academic career, you may notice that your reading materials will become more advanced. Some of the trickier vocabulary may appear difficult and complex. Even in the math and science courses, the language will increase in their level of technicality, demanding a greater knowledge from the students.

Academic enrichment programs can strengthen your reading comprehension. Along with your writing skills, you will also learn how to read through academic texts quickly. As you are introduced to new terms and definitions, this will improve your ability to read and understand the content more effectively.

3. Essay writing skills

Writing essays will be an important part of your high school and university career. In academic enrichment programs, students can learn how to construct a good essay from their instructors. You will be taught the proper techniques to write clear, concise sentences without grammatical errors. You will also learn how to research a topic, structure the content, and include references properly.

As you develop your college essay writing skills, you will be able to present your arguments in a persuasive manner. These academic enrichment programs can help you become a stronger writer and a more critical thinker.

4. Analytical skills

In an academic environment, analytical skills enable students to use their knowledge to solve different types of problems. The more analytical you are, the better you might be at solving a mathematical equation or understanding a research topic. You can improve your analytical skills when enrolled in academic enrichment programs, especially in courses related to mathematics, algebra, or calculus.

The academic enrichment programs improve your analytical skills by expanding on your knowledge. You will be introduced to new mathematical concepts or scientific theories. If you have any questions, you can engage in discussions with your instructor, allowing you to fully understand the topic. The more you learn from the academic enrichment programs, the more analytical you will become.

5. Study skills

Studying is necessary to succeed in most school subjects. However, this is not usually a skill taught at school, leaving many students unprepared for the rigours of tests and examinations. If you want to become better at studying, then you may want to enrol in a study skills academic enrichment program for middle school students.

This program can teach you how to take notes, how to manage your time, and how to set different goals with a growth mindset. You will also learn how to study for tests, and track the progress of your studying, which will help you feel more prepared for school exams.

6. Time management skills

Time management is crucial if you want to study properly. When you manage your time well, you will enjoy academic life without feeling overwhelmed. Academic enrichment programs are great for helping you improve time management skills. You will learn how to create a schedule, how to define your priorities, and how to set up deadlines for assignments.

The best way to develop time management skills is through regular habit. When you are enrolled in academic enrichment programs, these courses encourage you to spend time more productively. You will learn to focus on your academic studies and avoid procrastinating when deadlines are near.

7. Increased persistence

As a student, you need to be challenged to stay motivated and engaged in school. At the same time, you also need enough persistence to face the academic challenges that will come your way. No matter which academic enrichment program you enroll in, you will learn how to become more persistent. This skill will help you succeed during your program, your academic courses, and throughout your life.

With increased persistence, you will be able to do what it takes to achieve your academic goals. You won’t be stopped by doubt, uncertainties, difficulties, or setbacks. You’ll keep working hard until you succeed.

At EAGLES/EDGE, we offer a variety of academic enrichment programs for high school and middle school students. These programs focus on essential skills and knowledge that enable you to succeed in your academic career. Contact us to learn more about our academic enrichment programs and offerings!