7 Great Qualities for a Camp Counselor to Have

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A positive summer camp experience is largely credited to the dedication and hard work of the camp counselors. These counselors are the ones who plan and organize the day-to-day activities at the camp. During summer camp, the counselors offer emotional support for the young children, who are getting used to the new conditions. The counselors are in charge of making the summer camp as enjoyable as possible.

In order to become a great camp counselor, you will need to develop many personal qualities. You should be patient and kind when interacting with the youth campers. You should also display a positive energy when performing the camp activities. In addition, you should use your creativity, initiative, and selflessness to improve the summer camp experience.

Learning how to be a good camp counselor is simple enough. You just need the training, the commitment, and a few important traits to help you do your best. Here is a list of seven good qualities for a camp counselor to have:

Great communication skills

Camp counselors should have great communication skills.

A good camp counselor should have excellent communication skills. There will be a lot of communication involved in the daily activities at summer camp. Whether you’re giving out instructions or describing a concept, you must speak clearly. When you explain something to the younger campers, they should be able to understand your message.

Your communication skills go beyond being a great speaker. You must be a good listener as well. Camp counselors should understand how to listen to the children in a respectful way. Any camper with a problem or a creative idea can turn to their camp counselor for advice, or simply for a compassionate ear. Overall, being an excellent communicator is important in many summer camp situations.


Camp counselors need to have a good amount of patience.

It’s obvious that summer camp counselors love being around kids. However, great camp counselors must have an endless supply of patience when they interact with campers. The children may require your guidance when you explain a set of instructions or play a new game with them. To get your message across clearly, you may repeat yourself several times, so it’s important to never lose your patience.

Great camp counselors never feel the need to yell at the campers, or to punish them when they get angry. If a situation becomes emotional, the counselor should take a deep breath, calm down, and manage the issue carefully. Even if the young campers are not patient, the counselor needs to be a role model and maintain composure.


Camp counselors should demonstrate compassion.

Compassion and kindness are necessary qualities for a good camp counselor. At summer camp, certain situations may make the kids angry, sad, worried or scared. Even if the matter may seem trivial to you, it is important to treat each camper kindly. Great camp counselors can sense when something is wrong and offer their support when the campers get emotional.

Taking care of the kids is second nature for great camp counselors. They will never try to minimize the fears, the sadness or the pain of any child. Instead, the counselor will do everything possible to help the kids feel better and get their smile back.

Positive energy

Camp counselors should have positive energy.

As a camp counselor, you’ll be surrounded by groups of excitable children, who are all eager about enjoying the summer. A great camp counselor should have lots of energy to keep up with these young campers. The kids will notice when a camp counselor doesn’t seem happy about an activity. Your attitude could impact their summer camp experience.

The kids will love spending time with a camp counselor who is lively, energetic, and always ready for a new activity. Camp counselors should make sure they get plenty of rest, so that they feel motivated at the start of each day.


Creativity is a great quality for camp counselors to have.

Creativity is a useful camp counselor trait during activities. A creative camp counselor can make anything more fun, even on a grey rainy day. Being creative will also help a great camp counselor to solve conflicts, or quickly adapt to a new schedule change. Even when something unusual happens, the camp counselors can think on their feet and know how to respond properly.


Camp counselors need to demonstrate a strong initiative.

Summer camp counselors should have a lot of initiative. They need to know what their job is and what is expected of them. Showing initiative means that the counselor will perform their duties, without the need to be asked or supervised.

At summer camp, the counselor needs to be a strong leader with lots of initiative. By being responsible, the camp counselor can set a positive example for the children. The younger campers will look up to their counselor, and they will learn to take initiatives as well.


Selflessness is a key quality for camp counselors.

The best camp counselors are selfless. They understand their job is to provide every camper with a fun and engaging experience, not to show off their abilities. The counselors are available, day after day, to look after the campers. They dedicate their summers to make sure all the kids enjoy this camping experience.

Of course, being selfless also means that the camp counselors can take care of themselves. The counselors should know when to take a break, so they can recharge their batteries and be fully present for the kids at summer camp.

Being a camp counselor is a rewarding experience. This role will teach you valuable skills and develop your personal qualities. Are you interested in becoming a camp counselor at EAGLES/EDGE? Contact us to learn more details about the amazing camp counselor experience!