6 College Entrance Essay Writing Tips and Best Practices

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Going to university is a momentous goal for many senior high school students. College is the exciting next chapter of your academic journey, where you can pursue your passions, meet interesting people, and explore different opportunities for your future. Before you can enroll in your dream university, the first step is to prepare and polish your college application.

During the application process, writing a college admission essay is required by many universities. This essay is like a showcase of your best qualities and most notable achievements. The college admissions committee would like to know you, the applicant, beyond your test scores and your performances in academic courses. Now is the opportunity to introduce yourself and make a compelling case about why you want to go to their university.

A lot of preparation goes into writing an essay for the college entrance process. With a stellar essay, you get to make a strong first impression and solidify your chances of being admitted into the university. To help you get started, check out these college entrance essay writing tips and best practices.

Tip #1: Work with a college essay writing tutor

Is this your first time writing a college essay? In the past, you may have worked on essays for school assignments, scholarship applications, or even writing competitions. However, the college entrance essay has different requirements for a remarkably unique audience. Despite your writing experience, you might be unfamiliar with the college admission essay format.

Many students will greatly benefit from working with an experienced college essay writing tutor. At EAGLES/EDGE, we offer a helpful one-on-one tutoring service dedicated to writing a college admission essay. You will receive personalized guidance from a professional SJP English teacher, who can help you with outlining and reviewing your essay.

The tutor will offer valuable brainstorming ideas, will provide constructive feedback, and will help you with detailed proofreading. You will also learn the best college essay writing tips from a qualified professional. By the end of these tutoring sessions, you will feel prepared and confident about writing an essay for college entrance.

Tip #2: Choose an essay topic that feels uniquely personal

A great tip for writing a college essay about yourself is to pick a personal topic. Many of the best college application essays are unique, memorable, and intimate. The college admissions committee wants to learn about your identity, your background, and your aspirations. By sharing your experiences in the college entrance essay, you have a special point of interest that stands out from the other applicants.

Choosing the right college essay topic will require self-introspection. Start by asking yourself what you are the most passionate about. Which academic skills and achievements brought you a lot of pride? What experiences define you as an individual? Out of all the possible answers, the best topic will be one that resonates with you on a personal level.

By picking an essay topic that you feel genuinely interested in, you will have a lot of inspiration to draw from. This type of motivation makes it much easier to write the college essay about yourself. On the other hand, a boring topic that does not excite you is unlikely to interest the reader either. You know yourself best, so think about which interesting parts of your life can be communicated through the essay topic.

Tip #3: Make an outline of the essay before you start writing

In addition to choosing the right topic, you will need to pick the right approach for your college entrance essay. How will you relate the experiences in an interesting narrative format? Where does your story begin and what message do you want to convey in the end? Since everyone’s experiences are unique, the right approach can be very different depending on your topic.

As soon as you have the right topic and the right approach, it is time to outline your essay. This outline is only a draft and does not need to be too detailed. However, take a moment to write down a few specific points that you want to highlight. Then, think about how each point relates to the overarching theme of your essay.

Tip #4: Start your essay with a compelling sentence

Ideally, the first sentence of your college admission essay should grab the reader’s attention. A great introduction makes the reader want to continue learning more about you. When you begin with a dynamic opening sentence, it leaves a great first impression about yourself, and sets the tone for the rest of your essay.

For some writers, a good college essay writing tip is to hold off on the first sentence. Start writing the essay without that perfect opening line. Once you have gotten into the momentum of writing, you will have a better idea of how your essay is structured. Then, go back to the beginning and write a first sentence that ties in with your overall theme.

Tip #5: Write the essay with your own voice & opinions

No matter which topic you choose, your college admission essay will be about you, your thoughts, and your experiences. Your family, your peers, and your academic tutor may offer suggestions, but it is important that your essay contains an authentic voice. Include your genuine opinions in the essay, even if you feel like your views are not mainstream. Do not feel pressured to change your stance based on what you think the authorities want to hear.

In the college essay, some students feel the need to include fancier vocabulary, even if they have never used those words before. When you are unfamiliar with how to use certain words, the sentences might have a more impersonal and less natural flow. Use language that makes the essay come alive, but also make sure that the writing style still sounds like you.

Tip #6: Proofread your essay more than once

After you completed the first draft, proofreading the college admission essay is essential. You will need to read over your essay, correcting any typos, grammatical errors, or awkward sentences. You should also use this opportunity to edit out unnecessary sections, rework certain paragraphs, and strengthen the writing quality.

Proofreading your college essay is a continuous process. You should review the essay more than once, making improvements until you are satisfied with your work. When you cannot find errors anymore, ask your college essay tutor to proofread it one more time. Getting another opinion will provide you with valuable feedback to polish your essay even further.

Do you need help with writing a college admission essay? EAGLES/EDGE can provide you with the best college essay writing tips through our one-on-one tutoring services. Contact our team today and we will work together to bring your essay to a high standard of excellence!