5 Fun Summer Programs for Middle School Students

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Summer camp programs are wonderful for keeping kids entertained, energized, and engaged with their surroundings. As parents, you may be excited about enrolling your child in one or more of these summer programs. From physical sports to the creative arts, your child can participate in a diverse selection of fun and dynamic activities. No matter which program you choose, the summer camp experience will enrich your child’s growth and development.

There are various summer programs for kids of different ages. Older children have more mature interests than their younger counterparts, so their summer programs are designed based on their age demographic. For middle school students, these kids are at the eager age where they want to delve deeper into their individual hobbies. Middle school students often thrive in a summer camp environment, which allows them to explore the activities that pique their interest.

At EAGLES/EDGE, we offer many interesting summer programs for middle school students. These summer camp programs are engaging, exciting, and most importantly – a lot of fun! If your child is around the age of a middle school student, we recommend the following summer programs for this age group:

1. Multi-Sports Camps (Grade 6 – Grade 7)

Is your child a natural athlete or an avid sports enthusiast? If so, you may be interested in signing up for our co-ed multi-sports camp. This summer program is specifically tailored for middle school students, allowing them to experience several different sports. They will learn the rules, enjoy the gameplay, and immerse themselves in the adrenaline of numerous sports activities.

At the multi-sports camp program, the action-packed days are full of fun, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. Middle school students are at the age where they enjoy competing in sports, all done in a friendly and uplifting summer camp environment. Your child will come away from this summer program learning more about baseball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and more. Plus, they get to experience the sweet taste of victory in sports, which will surely boost their confidence.

2. Outdoor Day Camps (Grade 6 – Grade 7)

Does your child want to spend more time outdoors during the summer? EAGLES/EDGE offers exciting day camps for outdoorsy middle school students, who will have a blast exploring nature under the warmth of the summer sun. This summer program is packed with fun adventures, allowing children to exert their energy through numerous summer activities.

At the day camp, there’s plenty of swimming, team-oriented games, and other outdoor adventures within the daily curriculum. Expect lots of fun and laughter as every day brings a new dynamic summer adventure. Your child will come away from this camp feeling totally invigorated, and they may even make friends with many other enthusiastic campers!

3. Programming Camps (Grade 5 – Grade 9)

Many middle school students are tech-savvy with a keen interest in digital technology. You may want to nudge your child towards one of our programming camps, such as Introduction to Python Coding. As many schools and businesses go digital, the demand for skilled programmers is on the rise. It’s never too early to introduce your child to Python, one of the most useful programming languages in the tech sector.

At our programming camp, your child will learn Python through a series of interactive lessons and projects. With no prior experience necessary, the learning pace is largely comfortable and relaxing, even for beginners. Your child will be coached on algorithm designs, data structures, and all the essentials of the Python language. Upon completing this summer program, your child will be one step closer to becoming a future coder!

4. Science Summer Programs (Grade 6 – Grade 8)

Does your child have an analytical mind? Our environmental science program is perfectly suited for middle school students who want to enrich their knowledge. This summer camp will appeal to your child’s inquisitive side, helping them to grasp different subjects, ideas, and concepts within the realm of environmental science. Over the summer, your child may discover an enthusiasm for science, and they may excel in their academic classes once school is in session again.

5. Game Design Summer Programs (Grade 5 – Grade 7)

What if your child loves playing video games? If so, you may have a perfect candidate for our game design summer program. During the curriculum, the kids will learn how to create animations, practice computer functions, and code a game with Python syntax. No prior experience is necessary for your child to enjoy these fun, relaxing lessons. At the end of the summer program, your child will learn a useful skill and understand the commitment that goes into designing a video game.

At EAGLES/EDGE, our summer camp programs are perfectly tailored for middle school students, along with kids of all diverse ages. We are dedicated to bringing fun, knowledge, and recreation to enrich your child’s summer. You can learn more about our day camps, sports camps, and specialty camps by contacting one of the EAGLES/EDGE specialists.