5 Different Types of Math Classes & Enrichment Programs

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Are you a math whiz comfortable with crunching numbers, solving equations, and deciphering formulas? Mathematical aptitude comes naturally for some students, who are excited about learning new concepts and theorems. These students often do very well in their math courses at school. In fact, their knowledge might exceed the school’s syllabus, which may not be challenging enough for them.

Academic enrichment programs allow middle school and high school students to study mathematics at an advanced level. These courses focus on the different disciplines of math, including algebra, geometry, calculus, and more. In these types of math classes, students can study new concepts more intensively, guided and supported by an experienced instructor.

Many students will thrive in the supportive learning environment offered by math enrichment programs. These courses will help youths to become better mathematicians and strengthen their knowledge even further. Here are five different types of math classes and enrichment programs that students may be interested in:

6th Grade Math Enrichment Programs

Math classes for Grade 6 students

Before elementary school students transition to middle school, this is a great time to strengthen their mathematical abilities. EAGLES/EDGE’s 6th Grade Math Enrichment Program helps students to master the basic concepts while expanding their knowledge. Designed for Grade 6 students, these types of math classes will set them up for success in their academic studies.

The topics approached in this program include whole numbers, negative numbers, exponents, roots, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The math enrichment program will also teach students how to work with fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and probability. In addition, students will study basic geometry concepts, preparing them for more advanced work in their math classes.

Get Ready for Algebra 1 Programs

Math classes for Grade 7 – Grade 9 students

Algebra provides a foundation for learning trigonometry, calculus, and other important high school math subjects. To get a head start, middle school students may like to enroll in the Get Ready for Algebra 1 program offered by EAGLES/EDGE. This program is designed for Grade 7 to Grade 9 students, introducing them to different types of pre-algebra concepts.

In this math enrichment program, students will learn how to work with fractions and real numbers. They will also be taught how to graph and solve linear equations, as well as how to graph and solve inequalities. Furthermore, students will learn to simplify algebraic expressions, to add or subtract from negative numbers, and to model real-life problems using different equations.

Geometry Programs

Math classes for Grade 10 – Grade 11 students

The Geometry math enrichment program is for Grade 10 and 11 students who have already completed a full year of Algebra 1. Students can complete a full year of geometry during this math class, allowing them to advance to Algebra 2 in an accelerated pace. Students can choose between a condensed version of the course with 36 hours of instruction. There is also a full version of the math enrichment program with 60 hours of instruction.

These types of math classes will teach students the basic foundations of geometry, including geometric reasoning, parallel and perpendicular lines, and the properties and attributes of triangles. In addition, they will learn about polygons and quadrilaterals, circumferences, spatial reasoning, transformations, and many other theories. During the program, students are expected to work hard outside of class hours to master their proficiency in the concepts.

Algebra 2 & Trigonometry Programs

Math classes for Grade 10 – Grade 12 students

The Algebra 2/Trigonometry math enrichment program is a condensed class for Grade 10 to Grade 12 students. The prerequisite for enrollment includes completion of their Algebra 1 and geometry classes. This academic curriculum can be condensed within 33 hours of instruction, or the math course can be offered with 60 hours in full. Either arrangement is great for students who would like to replace a year-long class with a summer program.

The topics taught in this program include equations and inequalities, linear relations and functions, and quadratic functions and relations. In addition, students will learn about polynomials and polynomial functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, and more. Participants should be committed to a good amount of work outside class hours to keep up with the syllabus.

Calculus Programs

Math classes for Grade 10 – Grade 12 students

Calculus has various practical applications in everyday life. It plays a significant role in careers relating to physics, economics, engineering, statistics, and medicine. Studying calculus will open many doors for students who have an interest in these fields. For those interested, the Calculus math enrichment program is open for enrollment to Grade 10 to Grade 12 students.

This type of math class includes 60 hours of instruction. The topics taught in this math enrichment program include a review of functions, trigonometry, and logarithmic functions. Students will also learn about continuity, derivatives, curve sketching, geometric applications, and more.

The math enrichment programs at EAGLES/EDGE are taught by a knowledgeable team of experienced instructors. Upon completion, these types of math classes will help to propel students in their academic studies. Contact us to learn about the enrollment details for these academic courses!